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Bittylicious is two years old today


It has been exactly two years since Bittylicious was first announced to the public on BitcoinTalk.

Back then, Bittylicious was a simple service with all sales being done by just one person. You could only buy Bitcoins for UK bank transfers, the limits were quite low, and most things were manual.

Bitcoins only cost around £70 each back then, and the regulatory environment was totally unknown. There was a lot of fear about needing to be regulated by the FCA (FSA back then), worries about VAT being charged and fears about banks shutting down accounts. Alas, the last worry is still one to this day.

It became apparent that if Bittylicious were to survive, it would need to evolve into a marketplace so that multiple bank accounts could be used and, in theory, cheaper prices could be achieved if there were competition. This was clearly the correct decision to make.

Two years on and Bittylicious is multi-seller, multi-payment method, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-altcoin and multi-direction. The fraud environment has changed significantly, as has the general recommendations for AML and KYC, so Bittylicious constantly needs to evolve. Bittylicious is developed to this day, and even two years on, this is just the beginning.

To the moon!

Worldcoin removed. Quark and Blackcoin at risk


Sadly, we have now removed Worldcoin from Bittylicious because of consistently low sales. There was a good effort from one Worldcoin member to get some volume through, but sadly this was not sustainable.

Quark and Blackcoin are both suffering very low volumes at present as well, and are thus both at risk of being removed. Peercoin has fared a lot better over the last three months and is now back in the safe zone.

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Bittylicious Brokers are the Nicest


2015-06-11 12.59.43Bittylicious users often enjoy pretty good rates, exceptionally quick purchases and brilliant customer service, but we would just like to toot our own trumpets a little by saying just how darned well nice the brokers on the platform are.

The main admin (Marc) helped out one of the brokers who was having issues with their bank account being frozen. Marc wrote a letter to the bank stating that his transactions were legitimate. In part because of this, the broker’s bank account was made available again. As a wonderful gesture of thanks, this broker sent Marc some lovely jamón brought all the way back from Spain. Yum!

Sometimes issues happen, often caused by external services such as banks. The first line of support is the brokers, who pass issues up the chain if needed. These are the guys and girls that keep the Bittylicious platform running so well, and they’re a really decent bunch of people. Bravo!

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Bittylicious featured in MoneyWeek


This week’s cover story for Money Week is a well written article by Dominic Frisby that talks about Bitcoins. It quite rightly states that Bitcoins, and blockchain technology, will drive the money revolution.

There is a good background showing that it marries cash with classic digital money, proof that it works (see how the black markets fare!) and then talks briefly about the future including smart contracts.

On page 26, the final page of the cover story, Dominic talks about how to actually get Bitcoins, with Bittylicious being the main site mentioned here:

“Go to Paste your wallet address
where it says “bitcoin address”, then deposit some money.”

Dominic published his book, Bitcoin – The future of money? in November 2014 and it’s gotten some excellent reviews. We’ve just ordered our copy.

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