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Bittylicious featured in MoneyWeek


This week’s cover story for Money Week is a well written article by Dominic Frisby that talks about Bitcoins. It quite rightly states that Bitcoins, and blockchain technology, will drive the money revolution.

There is a good background showing that it marries cash with classic digital money, proof that it works (see how the black markets fare!) and then talks briefly about the future including smart contracts.

On page 26, the final page of the cover story, Dominic talks about how to actually get Bitcoins, with Bittylicious being the main site mentioned here:

“Go to Paste your wallet address
where it says “bitcoin address”, then deposit some money.”

Dominic published his book, Bitcoin – The future of money? in November 2014 and it’s gotten some excellent reviews. We’ve just ordered our copy.

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