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Bittylicious on BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line


Bittylicious‘s Marc Warne, along with Nic Carey from Blockchain and Moe Levin from BitPay will be chatting with Evan Davis on his business conversation show, The Bottom Line.

Being first broadcast on Thursday 5th June, this episode will focus on the Bitcoin revolution, starting with more introductory topics and not shying from some of the more difficult questions that people have regarding Bitcoins.

For those not in the UK, the show may be syndicated to the BBC World Service to reach a global audience.

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Bittylicious Enables Bitcoin Purchases Via Credit Card


London, 14th May 2014. Bittylicious has been upgraded to allow the sales of Bitcoins via credit and debit cards to citizens of the European Union, including the UK.

Bittylicious, the UK’s premier Bitcoin vendor, has added Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards to its list of accepted payment methods, supplementing the existing options of bank transfers and mobile payments.

Marc Warne, Director of Bittylicious, said, “Bittylicious is designed to make the Bitcoin buying process as simple as possible, so we are thrilled to allow users to purchase simply by registering and entering their credit card details. Within just a few minutes, users can be in possession of their own Bitcoins.”

At present, payments can only be made in Euros but via any suitable credit card, even those with a primary currency in British pounds or other EU currencies. In the upcoming weeks, direct payments in pounds will be permitted as well, saving British users possible currency conversion fees.

Because of significant fraud in the Bitcoin industry, only cards with 3D Secure enabled will be able to use this new service. This proves that the card is in the possession of the genuine owner by adding a second password-based authentication layer, separate from any data on the card itself.

Bittylicious users are able to make purchases of up to 240 Euros per transaction, with this restriction lifted when identification documents are validated. This process is necessary in order to follow “Know Your Customer” industry best practices.

New users are especially welcome to Bittylicious with a simple signup process available at

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