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Christmas Pub Get-together


Some Bittylicious regulars, including staff and sellers, will be meeting up at The Pembury Tavern on the evening of Friday 12th December starting at around 6.30pm. This pub is in Hackney, London. Everyone is welcome to join us for an informal evening of Bitcoin chat, and you can pay for your beers and food using Bitcoin as well.

Look out for a big ‘B’ symbol on one of the tables. Hopefully we can light it up and it’ll be pretty obvious where we are, so come and say hello.

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Bitcoins using Credit Cards in British Pounds


London, 10th December 2014. Furthering its objective as being the easiest way to buy Bitcoins, Bittylicious now allows users to buy Bitcoins using a credit or debit card in British Pounds.

Bittylicious has extended its credit card offering to now allow users to pay in British Pounds. Previously users were only able to purchase using Euros and this meant that British customers often had to pay a foreign exchange fee to their card provider. Now, payments can be made directly in British Pounds with no increase in price compared to Euro purchases.

Before making any card purchases, users must upload identification documentation consisting of one proof of name and one proof of address. Previously, this often took some time to process, but now the validation is done in house which means that users will be able to buy Bitcoins more quickly than before. There is a choice between specific documents that must be uploaded with the regular bank transfer option being available to those that do not have suitable documentation.

Bittylicious presently sells all altcoins for Euros and just Bitcoins for British Pounds but in the near future, it aims to allow all altcoins to be purchased this way as well.

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Exchange Bitcoins for Gift Vouchers


You can now exchange Bitcoins for gift vouchers on Bittylicious.

Bittylicious, the UK’s premier site for buying Bitcoins quickly and easily, recently started allowing users to sell Bitcoins in exchange for British Pounds via UK bank transfer. This service has now been extended to allow users to sell Bitcoin in exchange for gift vouchers redeemable at

The process is swift and Bittylicious waits for three confirmations before producing the voucher code. A QR code and associated Bitcoin address are presented to the user, and upon the incoming transaction being seen, an estimated time for production of the voucher is given. The service is provided in partnership with pockio, a company specialising in exchanging cryptocurrencies for gift vouchers.

Assuming there is significant demand, Bittylicious intends to extend the range of gift cards offered to all offered by Bittylicious also intends on making this functionality available across its entire altcoin base, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, StartCOIN and Darkcoin.

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