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Syscoin now on Bittylicious


white-logo-640x130-e1459111923427Syscoin is now available for sale on Bittylicious. Presently, it is available to UK users via bank transfer but we intend on making it available to users buying via credit/debit card, and thus available globally.

Syscoin has a very active development team and is ranked 35th on CoinMarketCap. Consistently, they are a top-ten coin on both Poloniex and Bittrex.


Quark gone and Maxcoin at risk


Spring is approaching and it’s time for our spring tidy up of coins that people no longer are interested in.

There have been no sales whatsoever of Quark this year, and sadly with the recent warnings of low volumes, this coins is being removed immediately.

Maxcoin is also at risk, with three sales totaling less than £60 year to date. Maxcoin has had an extremely turbulent ride, but I believe part of its decrease in popularity has been due to the increase in popularity of StartCOIN. Maxcoin will be removed in about a month assuming no significant increase in sales.

Worldcoin removed. Quark and Blackcoin at risk


Sadly, we have now removed Worldcoin from Bittylicious because of consistently low sales. There was a good effort from one Worldcoin member to get some volume through, but sadly this was not sustainable.

Quark and Blackcoin are both suffering very low volumes at present as well, and are thus both at risk of being removed. Peercoin has fared a lot better over the last three months and is now back in the safe zone.

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NuBits now on Bittylicious


NuBits is the latest cryptocurrency to be listed on the Bittylicious platform, and it is available to buy via UK bank transfer and SEPA bank transfers across Europe.

The most interesting feature about NuBits over most other cryptocurrencies is its focus on price stability. One NuBit is intended to cost a certain price, and this is reflected on Bittylicious with one NuBit being $1 USD (converted into the appropriate British Pound or Euro price). There is a dedicated page on the NuBits site saying how this is achieved.

In the pipeline, we aim for NuBits to also be made available via credit and debit card purchases and we are actively investigating other ways this can be made available easily.

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