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DigiByte and Groestlcoin now on Bittylicious


Two new altcoins have been added to the Bittylicious exchange: DigiByte and Groestlcoin. These are both instantly available for purchasing via bank transfer (British Pounds), credit cards (in British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars) and SEPA transfers (Euros).

DigiByte is a quick coin with 15 second block timings, and was an early adopter of Segregated Witness. It also uses five different hashing algorithms in order to make it resistant to 51% attacks, and is GPU miner friendly.

Groestlcoin uses Grøstl-512 as its mining algorithm which is ASIC resistant and efficient, and thus ideal for GPU miners and associated centralisation. SegWit and the Lightning Network is also enabled, and there is a strong focus on anonymous transactions.

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