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Bittylicious is now PCI DSS Compliant


Bittylicious has recent been security validated and has been found to be operating in compliance with PCI DSS standards.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is designed to increase controls around credit cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud. Bittylicious processes Visa and Master credit card transactions and becoming compliant with these standards is becoming more important.

Bittylicious does not store cardholder information but merely captures it and passes it on to payment processors. This significantly decreases the available attack area, meaning that cardholder data is much more likely to be secure.

Bittylicious already follows all best practices when it comes to security, and the PCI compliance status was granted immediately after the first network scan with no major issues found.

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Bittylicious Webinar at The Law Society


Marc Warne from Bittylicious, along with law professionals Rich Folsom and Michael Taylor, will be hosting a webinar at The Law Society titled Digital Currencies – What Do You Need To Know? This will last for one hour on 15th October, costs £40 and is broadcast from The Law Society, Chancery Lane, London.

Marc will be providing a very quick introduction to Bitcoins before touching on the global legal and regulatory situation and UK-centred issues that impact Bittylicious. The other two presenters will be focusing on the common law and statutory law positions. Questions will be welcomed from the audience.

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