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Coins at risk: Vertcoin, Quark, Peercoin and Worldcoin


At Bittylicious, we maintain a full node for each of the coins we have available for sale. This uses up server resources and also takes up extra page space.

Occasionally, we look at the altcoins we offer to see if any are under-performing, i.e. the interest in them is low. We were surprised to see that the sales on some of the altcoins haven’t just been low, they’ve been low to the point of making them unsustainable on Bittylicious.

Four altcoins are at serious risk, with two others also under-performing. We consider an altcoin to be at serious risk when the sales generated is less than or around £100 per month. This results in a profit of less than £1 per month, so this cutoff is already very generous. We really like all the coins on here and they all offer some sort of innovation, but at these levels, we cannot maintain them on the platform. For comparison, the amount of Bitcoin sales over the last three months is around £2 million.






The coins at serious risk of removal are (and total amount sold over the last three months):

The other coins under-performing are:

We need more engagement from the communities of these coins in order to promote them on Bittylicious, and also possibly for other sellers of these altcoins to offer them. A Worldcoin team member contacted us just before we published this and they have been promoting Bittylicious, raising their position in this list. This is the right thing to do – get the word out there and let us know if we can do anything to help, and we encourage all of the other altcoin teams to also get more engaged.

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